Kantour Buttocks Machine

Kantour Buttocks Machine

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The Kantour Buttocks Machine is great for a START UP BUSINESS.


The mahcine includes (1) set of buttocks suction cups Size L. 


Registering for the Kantour Boss Class is suggested for all future BODY CONTOURING TECHNICIANS  to know how to properly utilize the machine and be succesful with outstanding results. 


DO NOT PURCHASE (The Kantour Buttocks Machine) ONLINE  , IF YOU ARE TAKING THE KANTOUR BOSS CLASS. The Kantour Buttocks Machine is INCLUDED in the class. The Kantour Buttocks Machine will be given to all students SAME DAY the class takes place. 


Recieve $300 OFF the Kantour Buttocks Machine, when you register for the Kantour Boss Class. 


Due To Covid-19, there may be delays in delivery. Please be patient. 





  • Return/Refund Policy

    The Kantour Buttocks Machine is NON-REFUNDABLE , NON-RETRUNABLE. Once Mahcine has been shipped, Kianti Kantour is NOT responsible for shipping delays, informations, and deliveries. 

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